Three ways I can help you



Advisory retainer

Change offers exponential growth. When you need help, you need it. Fast. 

An advisory retainer allows you fast access to expert help, whether that's a critical conversation to influence an executive or how to address resistance issues within key groups.

This is also how to quickly access workshops and impromptu skill-building when you run into issues.


Self-paced courses

Fearing change

Whether in your personal or professional life, knowing how to notice, name, and nudge fear is key to responding rather than reacting. This brief course helps you understand and accept that fear is human, but that you can control your response. Mastering fear is foundational to change.

Custom consulting

Strategic support for large transformational projects, whether part- or full-time. We work together to determine where support is needed to supplement your existing resources or build a full-service team. All time and budget constraints are discussed during the strategic exploration phase of my proprietary methodology.

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