Resources for changemakers

Change requires artful collaboration--with leaders, other project team members, stakeholders and change practitioners. It's a role surrounded by people, yet it can feel incredibly lonely. 

Often there's no one to turn to for real-time change advice:

  • How do I get my project sponsor more engaged?
  • What are ways we can boost the mood of our project team that's feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? 
  • I've never done a project like this, am I on the right track?

The resources collected here are designed to help those new to the practice of change and those leaping into a new, bigger type of change. They're real-world stories on how to handle the scenarios project teams regularly it feels a little less lonely and intimidating.

Help! I need to learn OCM fast

For those who need to get up to speed quickly on change management, start here:

I’m ready for the next leap

For those who've done change management but want to expand into bigger projects such as Workday deployments, start here:

"Kris has helped me continue to 'sharpen my own saw' on change management work. She helps me keep on track and goes back to the strategy: What we are responsible for and how do we truly provide value to the client."

Shannon Bitney, independent change practitioner and project partner

"What didn't I learn from Kris? I was fortunate to meet her early in my career and she is one of my most meaningful mentors ever since. Kris taught me how to use empathy to think strategically and create user-centered design, which I do in my role every day. She also has an innate sense for corporate strategy and her mentorship has helped me develop this sense too."

Nels Thompson, client at United HealthGroupĀ 

"Kris showed me how to help calm the fear and chaos of people experiencing change. She was also an advocate for the best path within my organization. Working with a change consultant greatly improved our project's success!"

Kelsy Willison, senior Human Resources manager, Harmon, Inc.

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