Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.

-John C. Maxwell

Hi, I'm Kris Jennings.

Like all humans, I've experienced big change in my life and work.

Here are some of my career growth learnings.

My first 17 years I worked as an in-house expert. Some of my most memorable growth experiences:

  • Creating and executing a change communication plan at Wells Fargo for Y2K (remember that?!)
  • Facilitating the global change network for Cargill's SAP implementation
  • Building training modules to build organizational change capabilities at Cargill

As an independent consultant for the past 11 years, my growth highlights include:

  • Leading change for a big data project at Best Buy (new meaning to "technical" training requiring me to learn about predictive modeling!)
  • Leading the brand and consumer experience design for a healthcare transparency digital product collaboration between the executive teams of Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealth Group. The most delicate stakeholder management on behalf of my nonprofit client.
  • Building digital products in weight loss, Type 2 diabetes and group prenatal care for UnitedHealth Group. Designing the tiniest of changes supports health behavior change best. 
  • Modernizing HR through 9 Workday implementations (HCM, Learning, Financials, Adaptive People Planning). Clients: ECMC Group, Apogee Enterprises, The Toro Company, Harmon. FYI: Technology is the easy part. 
  • Transforming the global Finance team at The Toro Company through a OneStream financial management implementation. Leading with heart matters most (even with numbers people). 

I hold a B.S. degree from The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. My journalism experience taught me the importance of clear, trustworthy, succinct communications....done on deadline. I grew while working as a reporter at The Florida Times-Union, where I was the first woman to work on the sports desk. 

Work with me

When you're ready, 3 ways I can help you:

Leader coaching

Coaching support includes messaging development and preparation for key moments (ie ongoing C-suite updates). We work together to build trust with stakeholders. This is highly action-oriented coaching.

Targeted consulting

Close gaps in your change strategy or catchup when you find yourself behind on change activities. Targeted short-term consulting is typically 3-6 months or fewer than 2 days per week focused on specific outcomes. 

Full-service consulting

Engage me as a full-time project change resource providing strategy and execution services. I specialize in Workday implementations and bring on additional resources as needed. These engagements typically last 12 months or more.

Contact me

Inquire about change management support.

I will respond to you within 2 business days.