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I receive hundreds of inquiries a year for change support. I'm always willing to share what I've learned. Read on for answers to the most common questions.


How to budget for change


Most teams realize they need change management but have no idea how to budget for it. Placeholder numbers can be a bad guess. This guide shares estimating benchmarks and 3 steps to a more accurate number.

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How to build a change-savvy project team


Do we have the right team?

Transformational programs are a singular opportunity to build change skills. But change management isn't done well in a silo. This guide shows how team members work together to both implement change activities and build your team's change skills. 

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How to recover from a change misstep

"Help! We're not ready for go-live next month." 

What to do when speed matters most.

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How to lead change in 2 skills

Leaders are scrutinized from the moment the project gets approved. This guide breaks down two skills that leaders need to master during change. 

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