Advisory Coaching that activates and accelerates

You've worked hard to get here.

Now you need to grow fast.

The years of building your expertise and rising to a leadership level give you credibility with your team.

Yet this next level feels intimidating as it stretches you to influence up, across and down in your organization. Whatever the change is, the spotlight is on you now and the stakes are high.

There's so much to do in this expanded role, yet your important work keeps getting pushed aside. Trying to do it in 1-hour chunks isn't bringing you the transformation you know you need and it feels scattershot. Yet, if we're being honest, you're not even sure WHAT good change leadership looks like. 

You need to figure out exactly what you should be doing--FAST--to activate and accelerate others to change. You need to grow your influencing skills, and you need to know it's working so that this change is different from others. This one has YOU leading it.

This is what Advisory + Coaching does for you.

How Change Leadership Advisory + Coaching with me differs from traditional executive coaching

Coaching delivers deep change in your leadership behaviors--fast and strategically using my proprietary Leadership Behavior Roadmap. We prioritize the behaviors you need to develop most and we collaborate to operationalize them in your work routine. 

When needed, Advisory tools to help you with specific change activities important to influencing and developing your team members and other stakeholders. Advisory tools support your thinking and any outputs you need to create. 

Traditional coaching

  • Broad leadership orientation
  • Not tied to a specific timeline
  • Client-driven
  • Loosely structured conversations
  • Low priority on measuring progress
  • Few tools¬†

Change Advisory + Coaching 

  • Change-specific
  • Time-bound, based on your change
  • Collaborative,¬†I will advise strongly if needed based on change experience
  • Structured and highly action-oriented
  • High priority on measuring progress and adjusting
  • Tool, model and technique supports provided

How it works:

  1. You rate yourself on the exact leadership behaviors I've documented that contribute to successful change 
  2. We prioritize together based on where you're at in your change and develop a Leadership Behavior Roadmap
  3. Meet twice monthly to discuss topics and put behaviors into practice
  4. Email access in between sessions for questions and troubleshooting



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Why work with Kris?

I'm a world-class expert at what I do--helping people change behaviors quickly, starting with leaders. I've focused on the unique challenges within transformational change. While others seek routine, I thrive in the unknown. That's the strategic partner you need when the stakes are high.

What clients say

Kelsey Willison

HR Director, Harmon

"Kris helped me learn how to calm the fear and chaos of people experiencing change and how to advocate for the best path with in my organization."

Claudine Weiler

Managing Director, Total Rewards & Employee Services at The Toro Company

"After working with Kris, I've started incorporating milestones into projects that focus on ensuring the voice of customer / stakeholder feedback much earlier with the goal of understanding what questions and issues there will be and gaining a better understanding of the desired outcomes."

Bryan Ilse

Finance Manager, The Toro Company

"Kris kept us on track, we would have spent a lot of time spiraling without her help."

Start building confidence in your change leadership today

It all starts with a brief discussion of your change and how we can partner.