Coaching that activates and accelerates

You've worked hard to get here.

Now you need to move fast.

The years of building your expertise and rising to a leadership level give you credibility with your team.

Yet this next level feels intimidating as it stretches you to influence up, across and down in your organization. Whatever the change is, the spotlight is on you now and the stakes are high.

There's so much to do in this expanded role, yet your important work keeps getting pushed aside. Trying to do it in 1-hour chunks isn't bringing you the transformation you know you need.

You need it so that you can activate and accelerate others to change.

This is what a VIP day does for you.

How action-oriented coaching differs from traditional executive coaching

Action-oriented coaching delivers deep change in your leadership--fast. It has outputs:

  •  An elevator speech to help you better tell the story of why 
  •  An action plan to get stakeholders unstuck using sophisticated influencing strategies
  •  A communication approach that builds from listening and engagement techniques
  •  An experience map that anticipates the emotional highs and lows so that interventions are ready (and you forecast resistance points)
  •  An action planning process that supports your personal leadership to align words and actions (how you build trust)

These outputs come together through a VIP day where you can dedicate and focus on the important work.

You can spend your day on any of these items or something entirely different. While every day is unique, what feels consistent is the focus on activating and accelerating. You have tangible artifacts--and you know how to do it next time because I will share 25+ years of wisdom with you.

A VIP day gives you the time and space you need to do the next-level work. With the support of an expert whose goal is to get you going fast.

What your VIP day includes:

  •  10+ hours of dedicated time to support your unique change leadership needs
  •  A prep session to discuss outputs and design the day
  •  An onsite day of focus--away from the hustle of your day job (including my travel costs)
  •  One month of follow-up coaching to apply learnings and adjust outputs


*Ask about discounts for virtual VIP days.

Design your day

Spots are limited. When I take on designing an exclusive custom VIP day it is knowing that speed matters.